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small roof problems paul charles roofingHere’s a picture of a roof we recently looked at – admittedly not very big and hidden away, but a source of many problems!

After a good dose of rainfall and leaks in the shop below, it was essential to get on the flat roof and start seeing where the problem was.

Fortunately, it was easy to identify this particular roof section as directly above the water leak and, therefore, the cause of the problem—a shallow-pitched corrugated roof in between the area of the Victorian terrace property.

It’s a great example of how to spot problems with roofs, and hopefully reasonably apparent to even the untrained eye.

Therefore, here goes – three immediate problems that you can hopefully spot from this photo:

1. The patched side flashings

These are. The grey joins where this roof meets the walls at the back and two sides – or multiple joins and flashings.

Not only is this a mixture of different types that have been patched over, but there’s also even gaffa tape on one side – the ultimate bodge.

Need we say any more? Any severe rain on joins like these, plus the wind that may drive it in the gaps, will undoubtedly cause problems.

2. The mysterious items on the roof

There are a few ‘items’ on this corrugated roof, which always triggers questions of where these are from and why they have appeared.

Usually, this can help highlight issues elsewhere on another section of the roof, where the wind has maybe blown ridge tiles off and debris onto this roof section.

But this can then also cause damage to the roof they fall on and stop the free passage of rainfall down here.

3. The ‘A’ word

This is a problem; having asbestos in the roof.

The style, age, and colour of this particular roof section give it away, really, and a common material at the time.

Although it’s usually okay to leave without being disturbed when it needs to be or any form of work on or around it, you do have problems.

Therefore, in reality, there’s only one answer here – have the roof professionally replaced by a licensed asbestos contractor and a new one placed on (with correct flashing etc.).

Okay, not very cheap – which is why it has probably been left like this for so long – but now essential to deal with.

Spotting the roof issues

This photo of a leaking roof section is a classic example of what issues you can spot on a roof.

Although seeing any roof directly is always best, even looking at photos of it can give you a good idea of the issues and what’s needed.

Or, of course, call in the local professional roofers to help you.