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paul charles roofing gutters birminghamWhen you look at a ‘roof leak’, then be ready to look at all kinds of possibilities as to what has caused it; as local roofers, we see this all the time. For example, water may be pouring down and out, and although you might continually assume that there must be a hole in the roof, then watch out, it may be different.

Here’s a classic example we came across, with one look outside revealing something very different; a tree growing from the roof area.

Therefore, here are a few lessons to learn from something like this to get to the bottom of things:

1. Spot Where Something is Growing From

When you loocloselyer at something like this, you see it growing from the downpipe rather than the roof itself. Very unusual but potentially easier to resolve with no actual roof work being required.

Also, check out where other vegetation and growth may be cropping up, for example,e the gutters above, in this case, the window sill below.

2. See Where Water’s Going

In this example, water penetrated through the wall in places, and you can see signs of green growth on the wall as well. With such vegetation blocking the natural water flow, it still needs to go somewhere.

Remember that water can travel in all directions, not just downwards – including movement through walls and masonry.

3. Suss Out How to Gain Access

Although it sounds simple to pull out weed growth, gaining access high enough is often the tricky part, as with most roof jobs.

Something like this will take strength and room to renounce, too, then remove the vegetation afterwards, and certainly more like full-on scaffolding than quick-ladder access.

4. Sense What Else to Look Out For

And finally, look around and see what other issues need dealing with, in this instance,e pigeon netting all around the outside area.

Not only will this be difficult to move and deal with, but you will also have problems considering that it was put first to stop – pigeons roosting in there.

The Right Roofing Solutions

Therefore, whatever roof repair or replacement you’re looking at, always remember to delve deeper into what is causing this and what issues are involved in resolving this.

At this point it’s worth bringing in the experts for a full inspection, ideally on a no-obligation basis, to genuinely try and come to a practical and affordable solution; as local Sandwell roofers covering the wider Birmingham area, contact us today to let us help.