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roof leaks quick tests paul charles roofingWhenever you see a damp stain or actual dripping water leak inside a property, people automatically assume that it may be a whole new roof covering required.

Although this can be a sign of big issues on the roof areas, more often than not, there is a simpler solution to look at.

Therefore, it’s important to take a step back and have a quick look at what the issues and potential dangers are before going any further.

Here then are three quick tests to look at, taking an example here in a photo of a small damp stain appearing in the corner of a room:

1. Check No Dangers – Like Electrics

This is often missed by people and even basic roofers – spotting any immediate dangers from the roof leak before getting stuck into the repair.

There may be personal items and even carpets getting soaked below, as one example.

However, even more, important is making sure the electrics are not at risk of being affected by water and risk of fire and people being electrocuted.

Just take a look at this example with a clear electrical socket and wiring directly below the leak in question.

2. Clarify no Other Causes – Like Cooling Systems

Another classic mistake we see repeatedly is people not realising that such water leaks and stains may be from a completely different source than the roof.

If you take a typical office area, you often have a false ceiling above which can have pipework for heating and colling outlets.

These probably have pipes above the ceiling tiles which may well be leaking and causing the issue, not the roof above – in which case it’s time to call in the mechanical specialists.

In this example, you can see the photo that this actually isn’t the case, with a common central heating radiator around the perimeter.

However, check that such heating pipes in the floor above are not leaking and seeping down into the floor below.

3. Consider All Options – Like Drainage Systems

And finally, when you look at the roof itself, then be ready to spot an easy problem to solve.

In this example the water leak was from the hopper head off a flat roof which sends water into a downpipe – a simple clear and re-seal may be all that’s needed.

Or if you look at the roof, maybe a loose tile or ridge tile with missing mortar in the joints.

Oh so often it’s right in front of your eyes, although if not, then begin identifying where the water will be tracking from

Getting to the Bottom of Roof Leaks, Quickly

Therefore, as you look to quickly and effectively diagnose what’s causing a roof leak or stain, then these three angles will help you begin to focus on these.

Start by seeing other dangers to first deal with, before ruling out if other non-roof problems are causing this like heating and cooling systems.

And then finally use some common sense are start seeing where the leak is on the roof and spotting whats’ wrong.

Of course, if you need some experienced help with this as local Black Country and Birmingham roofers covering the West Midland, contact us today for immediate help and advice.