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cleaning roofs easy cleanersIt’s not the sort of thing that you usually think of getting clean - that’s the roof of your property.

After all, it’s there to handle whatever mess the weather brings to it, and people don’t expect you to have it looking sparkling new. There’s far more important areas like pathways, or even the garages to focus on.

However, problems can emerge if you let these things build up. It can only be a matter of time before it starts costing money to remedy, and even stating to look horrible as you glance up.

Therefore, here are three quick areas of your roof to think about when it comes to giving them a good ol’ scrub up. These count no matter what type of building you have, whether your own home, business premises, or even a community building.

1. Gutters and Drains

They often stick out like a sore thumb - those popular black-coloured strips along the edge of the roof, and then ‘pipes’ down the outside of the property to take the water away from the roof into the ground-level drains.

They will easily get blocked with leaves and general dirt, therefore essential to keep clear every six months or so, and watching out for any faults such as damaged joints causing water to drip down.

Also, even though you can’t always see them, they’re more than likely still there hidden within the roof structure, with maybe drains going through the middle of the property, and still just as important, in actual fact maybe even more if they have been easily forgotten in the past.

2. Fascias & Soffits

They’re the technical names for the side and bottom strips right at the edge of the roof which overhang the property, often made from wood or plastic.

They can soon become a real mess with things splattered on them including remains from the gutters above - if they’re bright white coloured then they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Even though they may be due for a proper re-decoration, it’s amazing how a good scrub-down and wipe can soon get these looking better and stopping any further deterioration.

3. Roof Surface

And finally, the actual roof surface, whether that is your traditional pitched roof with tiles or a flat roof over an extension.

In reality they collect all kinds of nasty things, in particular moss and other vegetation, not to mention other things like masonry falling away from say ridge tiles.

Well these things need to go, not only to ensure no longer-term damage, but so that it looks at awful lot better afterwards.

This is of course requiring specialist help, even for a basic jet-wash of things. And taking great care with say flat roofs and not any damage to the surface.

Cleaning Things Up

Therefore, as you consider the roof covering on your building, these three areas are key to look at and begin seeing what’s needed both now and in the future.

Even if you’re not directly responsible for this, as maybe you’re renting the property, then it’s something you can still highlight to your landlord, and even watch out for any costs back to yourself through a service charge.

Also, these are probably not going to be cleaning-works that you do yourself - unless you’re DIY-minded and it’s an easy clean of say guttering of a ground floor flat-roof extension.

But even as you instruct a roofer or someone to do this, you’re now clued-up as to what sort of things they should be looking into.

Easy Cleaners have helped provide this post on general cleaning tips for roof areas.