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When looking for roof repairs and replacements, the last thing people expect you to be talking about is vegetation and plants. After all, they grow from the ground – not a roof.

However, reality can be different – with Ivy a case in point.

It may grow in the ground – well, most of the time – but it can soon creep up a building’s wall and start making its way into the roof and fascia structure to cause crazy amounts of damage.

Here are a few pictures and examples we’ve come across to give you a flavour of these sorts of issues:

1. The Covered Wall

wall ivy paul charles roofingJust look at this green mass of Ivy all over the side elevation wall, now reaching up the roof.

Even if it never reaches the flat or pitched roof or any parapet wall, this may cause dampness and issues that eventually have a knock-on effect on the roof.

2. The Chocked Downpipe & Guttering

gutter ivy paul charles roofingHere’s a classic picture of where the whole downpipe makes an excellent path for the Ivy to grow up naturally.

The main concern here is how it can soon start stretching into the joints and gaps, which will block the free flow of water and, therefore, damage these rainwater goods and broader property.

Plus, add in the fact that these pipes are channelling the one thing that vegetation needs to grow – water – and you have a recipe for disaster as it grows and seeks this.

3. The Damaged Roof Fascia

fascia ivy paul charles roofingNow, this picture says it all – a fully matured ivy growth well and truly under the roof edge fascia and directly causing the roof to bulge away literally.

This is like opening the doors to all kinds of excess water and trouble not only to the wood finish but a more expansive roof and wall structure repair.

4. The Additional Growth

tree trunk paul charles roofingAlthough we’re not gardeners, we know that one form of growth can encourage others.

This photo is a classic example, now having a small tree growing at the side of the property.

Not only will the leaves cause an issue on the roof and gutters, but the trunk and roots can also incur profound foundation and property damage.

Growing Problems on Roofs

These four examples give an idea of how much damage vegetation like Ivy can cause to property and roofs in particular.

Whether directly on the roof, along the wall, or under the fascia – it all ends in trouble.

Therefore, the trick is to spot this early on and prepare accordingly, trimming things periodically and treating the spread elsewhere.

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