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energy efficiency maintenance roof paul charles roofingWith a sudden interest in properties becoming more energy-efficient and having a higher EPC rating, the focus is often on big issues such as roof insulation, LED lights and even new heating sources like heat pumps.

However, looking into more details about the roof of a property can be very important, particularly when you realise that heat rises and, therefore, the top is the direct point where you’ll be losing heat in your home or business premises.

So here are a few points to consider also linked with good general maintenance of roof areas. Although some can be implemented immediately in a maintenance regime, others are there to make a note of when making more significant decisions about the property and energy efficiency measures to reduce carbon emissions.

1. Amend any roof gutters

Although not directly affect the energy efficiency of the building, it does have a knock-on effect. For example, a leaking downpipe overtime, then causes dampness and water ingress into the property; it also can be wasting rainwater which could be otherwise channelled and used and recycled outside in the container rather than into the drains

A classic problem with guttering is the joints, breaking and dripping as well as sagging of the central systems.

2. Losf insolation

This is one of the top tips for general energy efficiency properties anyway, with the proper installation to a higher 270 mm.

However, you can go even further, including spraying this in rather than the traditional roles and also placing on the roof pitch behind any tiles, as well as within the conventional flat base of the loft area with boarding on top.

3. Spotting roof leaks

Look carefully both outside the property on the roof and inside any loft area to see whether any leaks are emerging. Look out for any loose tiles or slates and signs of them slipping, plus mortar at junctions and along ridge tiles or parapet walls becoming loose.

Excessive moss growth on roof areas can also cause problems, and simply brushing this off can be another big help, and making sure that this is correctly disposed of rather than blocking any gutters and downpipes.

4. Sweeping any chimneys

Birds' nests in chimneys can cause fires and attract all kinds of pests; therefore, arranging a qualified chimney sweep nearby to clear the chimney can be a huge help. Also, double-check your home insurance and any open fire and requirement for certificates from the chimney sweep in case of future claims.

5. Maintaining trees in vegetation

Cut these back away from the building can help stop loose, fallen branches causing damage and blockages to the roof and guttering and more daylight exposure to the building itself. The extra daylight on the roof can help deter any growth of moss and other algae.

6. Checking any roof windows

If you have any skylights, such as Velux windows, then making sure these are as energy efficient as possible is also essential.

The glazing should already be double-glazed but also make sure the seals are still intact and no issues with the condition of the window.

Hopefully, these half a dozen tips related to roof areas will help you start thinking about better energy efficiency from them and good roof repairs and maintenance.