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Our Core Services

paul charles roofing new roof exampleHere’s a summary of our main roofing services covering the Sandwell and surrounding Black Country and Birmingham areas like Dudley, West Bromwich and Halesowne areas, however we always make everything bespoke to what’s needed and therefore just contact us for any other variations and requirements.

And find out more about us here, and what Paul Charles Roofing is all about.

Plus, this is for all types of properties as well, whether a domestic home or larger and more complicated commercial business property. All types and sizes are accommodated, no job excluded!

1. Reactive repairs

Very common of course, and that’s problem solving. Maybe there’s a sudden water leak, or slipped-slates coming down – we’re geared up for a quick and appropriate response to help out.

And we’ll take everything into account – timing, cost, and even the right weather conditions to get to the right solution for you.

2. Insurance Claims

If you need a quote for an insurance claim, we can help, alongside any other special requirements such as meeting people like Loss Adjusters, and splitting off any additional agreed improvements.

3. Full Re-Roofing

If it’s time for a whole new roof, we’ll make it happen. Whether that’s like-for-like, or using new and more efficient materials, we’ll give you all the options and costings.

And this is for all kinds of covering – whether tiles or slates, flat roofs, or new GRP fibre glass (we’re also approved installers for the new firestone rubber roofing).

Or maybe more specialised covering such as timber roofs rather than the traditional pitched ones, or getting stuck into any form of conversions and refurbishment.

Plus we can work alongside any other special advisors such as surveyors and main contractors to dovetail in efficiently with other works and agree just the right spec.

4. Rainwater Gear

In short, this is typically gutters and downpipes which should enable water to easily trickle off the roof.

We can sort all these, from a good old clean at high and safe heights, to whole new replacements.

Plus don’t forget any associated areas such as new soffits and fascias.

This also includes problem-solving to first see what the issue is, particularly for those hiding away, such as a central pipe through the property.

5. Pro-active Maintenance

This is often missed, but should ideally be looked at every year to make sure your roof’s condition is okay.

So whether it’s re-sealing watered areas, sorting out slipped slates, or re-pointing ridge tiles – we’ll arrange it all through just the right package and time scale.

Contact us today for immediate help and advice with just the right roofing repair and project for your property. No matter what type of property you have, and whether big or small – we specialise in making everything just right for everyone.

Free Assessment & Quote

We’re able to help with any initial assessment and help, just call us or email for feedback within one business day.

If you need a quick-and-easy answer and rough price, we’ll do our best to provide them based on what you can tell us directly and even sending photos across.

However, ideally it would be good to arrange a time to see the roof in question and meet whoever is best to go through the options.

Contact us today for immediate help and advice!