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It can sometimes be a challenge if you’re gaining access to a roof to repair, whether a quickly slipped tile or full-on re-surface.
Usually, it is straightforward for professional roofers with years of experience and safe procedures in action.

But some things are simply out of your control that others may assume can happen automatically.
Therefore, here are four of the most popular ones we come across to help explain where the roofer’s magic wand can’t reach:

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Of course, when it's howling with wind or pouring with rain is often when the roof does spring a leak or see deterioration. Those pressure points bring out the weaknesses.

However, those are the circumstances that we can’t simply get on a ladder and resolve when the weather is still bad. It’s just unsafe.

Therefore it’s a case of waiting for the weather to get better, even if the damage is being suffered unless a quick fix or temporary covering will suffice.

1. Gaining Access Inside

Sometimes you also need to get inside a property to see areas like where the rain is coming in or ventilation issues that are not helping.

But if this hasn’t been pre-arranged, it often can’t be done, particularly with residential premises where people understandably don’t want anyone coming in just like that.

And even if they allow access, it might be at the wrong time, or further entry into, say, a loft is impossible.

However, one way that can help a little is when people help take a photo of the area in question or discuss it over the phone.

2. Erecting Height Equipment on the Street

For those instances where you do need to get to, say, a gutter or roof area from the front of the property facing onto a pavement or street, then, in one sense, it can be straightforward to arrange this.

Maybe a temporary scaffold can be hired, or even a cherry picker arranged – although after a lot of effort and cost.

But then there is a permission problem.

It may take consent from the Local Authority, another management company or the property owner. Plus, there are all kinds of additional safety measures to assist pedestrians walking by or deter people from using at night.

Therefore, often the cost goes up, and the time is delayed further.

3. Storing Things Somewhere

There will always be something that needs to be kept safe somewhere on a roofing job, whether that’s a set of ladders, materials to be used, or even a van while you’re unloading or completing the repair.

Therefore, this can undoubtedly hold things up and cause frustrations for those not expecting this.

A few simple pre-arrangements can soon help, such as asking permission from others, issuing keys and access codes, and even ensuring protective sheets and locks are available.

Accessing the Right Roof

As you arrange for a local roofer to come and fix the problem, don’t forget all these practical pointers on access. Unfortunately, this finer detail often can get missed or forgotten.

However, a good local roofing company with experience who can talk you through a sensible Risk Assessment can soon help you come to the correct answer.

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