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access look at roof paul charles roofingWhen we get asked to look at a roof repair around Birmingham and wider West Midlands, it’s often with limited information at that point.

Maybe it’s an urgent call to resolve a slipped tile, stop a leak, or even with a longer-term roof replacement in mind, and not knowing exactly what this needs to be.

But that’s where a good roofing contractor can help.

To not only discuss the issue and ask the right questions but agree on the next stage to collate more information before issuing a quote and attending the site.

In particular, here are a few practical ways to help look further into the issues at hand:

1. Go and have a look

Of course, this is an obvious one, but the detail counts.

Knowing how possible with full access is essential as to how easily ladders can be erected to look at things. The right time of day and daylight and weather conditions is also necessary.

2. Take some pictures

This can be a huge help if the problem can be easily seen from the safe ground, such as broken gutters, downpipes, stains, and dampness within the ceiling.

Simply taking on a mobile phone and sending by email, text, or Whatsapp can help the roofer spot the problems.

3. Get Google pictures

Now we’re getting technical, something that can help broad brush with a look right on top of a roof you can’t usually see.

Google earth can help zoom in from the top and have a surprising amount of detail of the roof structure and potential issues like valleys and damaged areas.

Even Streetview looking at the side elevation of properties can help to some degree.

4. Using a drone

The top level of looking at a roof, and with technology, is possible nowadays.

Ensure you have the correct and safe way to do this, experience getting into all the detail, and have comprehensive information afterwards.

5. Look inside the loft.

The last one, which may not always be possible or necessary, is to look inside any loft areas.

It’s amazing what you can see on the inside as a consequence of issues on the outside roof, whether damp stains or blatant drips of water.

Be careful of how you access it, with good lighting available, and how intrusive you must be with pealing insulation back.

Look now; save problems later.

As you begin to assess the issue with a roof, these pointers will help inspire ideas of how you can work alongside an excellent local roofer to get to the bottom of what needs doing.

Besides diagnosing the issue and providing a cost, it’s often essential to do it quickly and efficiently rather than dragging on.
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