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downpipe leak paul charles roofingFor those on the ground, so to speak, like a regular cleaner, they can quickly identify issues that crop up from a much bigger roof issue.

In short, whatever rainwater is being collected from a roof should find the correct way back down to the ground and drainage system.

However, problems start when this process breaks down.

Take, for example, these photos recently taken on a site. Awful pictures of mould and all kinds of other greenery starting to blossom at the bottom of walls and downpipes.

wall stain paul charles roofingMore often than not, this is from the downpipe and gutter not being correctly sealed or joined together, hence the clear build-up of issues on this downpipe with water splashing on the wall afterwards.

Leave it undetected, and dampness will start penetrating through the wall on the inside, causing all kinds of building issues.

However, the problem can be more on the roof itself, as per this other photo, with a green area further along the path but splash-back on the wall.

In this scenario, it’s a classic issue of an overhanging roof not correctly being sealed, causing water to drip downwards steadily.

How to Detect and Resolve

Therefore, here are a few takeaway pointers on how to effectively detect and then deal with this kind of issue:

1. Make Sure You Regularly Inspect These Areas.

This can be under the regular duties of a gardener or landscape contractor who watches out for these kinds of issues and immediately reports them with a helpful photo – and ideally more often in winter with a greater risk of these things happening.

2. Take Any Necessary and Safe Precautions

While you look into the solution, see if there’s any immediate measure to take, for example, clearing up any moss that people could slip on or even cordoning off the area altogether.

Maybe even a separate planter to cover over the terrible-looking mess.

3. Get the Cause of the Issue Rectified

This may sound obvious, but we see it repeatedly when people delay bringing in the correct local roofer to get to the bottom of things, even if it means accessing equipment like a scaffold tower or cherry picker.

They can then re-seal the joint, repair the roof, or refix the downpipe – whatever the problem is.

4. Clear up the Final Mess

This may take a good jet wash and scrub to eliminate the absolute mess and allow time to dry out.

If the problem has caused even more severe damage, things like stain blockers may also need painting.

Problem Spotted is a Problem Halved

Therefore, make sure your other contractors and occupiers are geared up to help problems like this crop up immediately. A genuine team effort can then help get things back on track.

Remember that a seemingly minor issue and discolouring may worsen over time and only result in a much bigger problem.

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